Use bitter melon for protecting you skin.

Age is only numerical. We should try to be physically capable without having to age. Even with age, it is not possible to put the age thaw in sight, should keep an eye on it. According to the Fashionists, one of the many vegetables that can be trusted to remove age from appearance, bitter melon.  Bitter melon contains plenty of Vitamin C. So this vegetable helps to keep the skin in redness.  Help it to stay on the skin.

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 Every day, you can eat to boil it and add lemon and salt to it, it keeps the sperm of the skin long. You can get relief from orange juice mixed with bitter melon juice, and it’s in the face, but it will also benefit. Wait a few moments while adding this mixture to the face. After drying, wash the face in cold water. This mixture removes the cellulite and gives different brightness to the skin.

The bitter melon destroys the harmful substances in the blood and purifies the blood, the effect of the skin on the pod. So to remove the effects of skin from age and to keep the skin beautiful, we should drink bitter melon juice. Remove the seeds of bitter melon, If you use it in the face of the skin, the skin is healthy.