Forever hair fall causes and its remedy.

Almost most people suffer from hair fall in the early days. Lack of diet, lack of physical exertion, presence of various chemicals in food, lack of adequate vitamins and minerals, food, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, etc for many reasons, the hair can be covered on young age. The main reasons for hair fall are the headache due to hereditary reasons, sudden hair fall, and the next time the baby is born that means hair fall due to hormones.


Some reasons for hair fall are discussed below:

On account of hereditary reasons:

Many boys start falling hair after 20 to 30 years of age, and after a time they fall completely. Generally, genetic or hereditary factors can cause hair loss or faintness. There is nothing much to do except for the sake of hereditary reasons.

Hormones vary in body of Women:

Women usually start to hair fall after 50 years. If the hormones vary of women have more hair fall. Most women may have hair fall due to their menstrual menstruation, birth and menopause. However, many of pregnant women have hair fall and somebody else's hair becomes thicker.


“Hair fall will be stopped or new hair is grown” - the market offers such a variety of attractive medicines. Many people use different types of oil or medicines in tempting these advertisements without seeing the solution, As a result of hair fall.

Thyroid Problems:

If there is a difference in the level of thyroid levels, then hairs fall. Moreover, many people feel tired in this problem and changes in nails and skin appear.

Lack of iron and calcium:

Hair fall can occur if there is a shortage of iron and calcium in the body. It is usually more common for girls.

Lack of nutritional quality in food:
Due to lack of nutritious food and hard diet causes of this hair fall. So vitamin diet and plenty of fish are needed. Especially marine fish are very useful for beautiful hair and skin. Besides, milk, eggs and vegetables must be kept in the food list. You have to drink plenty of pure water.

Medication side effect:

The side effects of the medicine can also be hair fall, but it does not last long. Stop the medication most of the cases, new hair grow. After the chemotherapy of the cancer patients, when the entire hair fall, there are new hair again after a while.

How to prevent premature hair fall?

Most of the people suffer from premature hair loss problems. However, as a temporary solution, many people use hair clips. But the hair is not black at all. Besides, if the material of the pen is poor, it can damage the skin of the head. Allergies can cause. But it is possible to make the medical treatment of hair in prematurely by treating household items by natural means.

Below are some ways to prevent hair fall:

Onion Paste:

Onion paste is a very effective weapon to stop hair clam. Take a small amount of onion powder and massage the hair every day for a few minutes. Dry the onion paste on the hair and wash after 30 minutes. Within a few days, hail will turn black. New hair will start growing after the hair fall off.

Amalaki and lemon juice mix:

Amalaki and lemon provide vitamins needed for the skin of the head. Mix amalaki powder with lemon juice and massage it every day for one hour, then wash with shampoo. It helps you to stop hair fall and growth new hair.

Coconut oil and lemon juice:

There is no pair of coconut oil for hair care. And the quality of lemon is explained before. Mix 4 teaspoons of coconut oil with two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply it on the hairstyle and head skin. Within two weeks, the ripe hair will turn black. Besides, your head skin will be healthy, it will not be dandruff and hair will also be bright.

Carrot juice:

Carrot is a nutritious vegetable ingredient. Lots of vitamins and minerals for the body have the ability to fill the carrots alone. Carrots can play a very effective role in hair care. Blend the carrot by mixing water and sugar in blender first. That carrot juice that you get, drink it regularly. If you drink a glass of carrot juice every day, then you will start getting your hair done. Not just hair, also, this carrot juice will help to keep your body healthy. And the skin will be bright, fair.

Sesame Oil and Leech:

4 Sesame oil will heat the fire. If the oil becomes hot, then a leech will leave it. It will be hot running. After mixing the Leech with sesame oil, you will mix very thinly. If you use this oil in the hair vacant place, hair fall will be prevented. New hair can grow.

Manganese pulses and tamarind:

Manganese pulses and tamarind mixed together and by washing it with a head, hair fall will be prevented. Hair is always black.


If you mix the ivory ashes with mustard oil and Paint the head. Wait few minutes. Then wash properly. Hair on your bald head will grow.

After following the above methods, it is possible to prevent hairstyle early in the house easily. Usually due to malnutrition, tension, depression, and sleeping due to them, hair can grow in young age. So, to prevent this problem, eat plenty of vegetables, try to sleep adequately and do not forget to drink plenty of water. Keep in mind that just enough water can keep many diseases away from your body.