How to use mustard oil to get long, strong, silky, dandruff free hair and prevent hair fall?

The hair is the real beauty of the man. ‍Specially, women. We do not like any women who is hair less. Many people effect hair fall problem. They use better chemical to prevent hair fall. But a few of them reach in their goal. Most of them not success. This post for them. Mustard oil is a more useful and common name. There are no any man they do not know about mustard oil.

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Female person use this oil in their kitchen. One time both men and women use mustard oil in hair. Now only use it kitchen for cooking work. But most of people don't know that Mustard oil increase hair growth and they can get long hair. Fast you have to know about use of mustard oil. How to use mustard oil on your hair effectively? Following effective use of mustard oil are mention below.

Curd and mustard oil mixture

Mix the mustard oil with the sour curd and apply it to the palm of the head. Towel soaks in hot water and spit on the head. Wait within 30-40 minutes and wash well with gentle shampoo. Use this method twice a week for one month and see the results.

Mix mustard oil with Aloevera

Mix mustard oil and Aloevera in a bowl. Use this mixture on the palm of the head properly. Wait within 30-40 minutes. Then wash well with gentle shampoo. Use this method for two days a week to get good results. This mixture will make your hair smooth and healthy and stop hair fall.

Mixture of lemon juice and mustard oil

Mix well with mustard oil, lemon juice and coriander powder in a bowl. Use it regularly on the hair as a mask. Wait about half an hour, and then wash well with gentle shampoo. This will result in hair condition, will be strengthened and moisturizing of hair will be removed from dandruff.

Mixture of Banana and Mustard oil

Make paste of a ripe banana and mix with curd and mustard oil. Use this mixture on palm of head properly. Wait half an hour and then wash well with normal shampoo and wash with conditioner. Do not use hair dryer. This mixture will make your hair smooth, bright, strong and soft.

I can promise if you follow this tips properly, you will get more strong, soft, dandruff free hair and always avoid hair fall.