Effective techniques to prevent hair fall.

In the early age, ‍start hair falls of many people. As a result, sbald head. It may be due to various reasons. But one of these factors is mental depression and nutritional deficiencies. Besides, due to constant care, the hair has lost its natural beauty.

Hair fall


Regular use of homemade oils can be used to prevent hair fall. It helps prevent hair fall, as well as help to grow new hair. To prevent hair fall, follow the tip below to get good results:

Take 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup custard oil and 1/3 cup pistachio oil in a bowl. Mix oil mixture well and massage the hair. Hair covered with Shower caps and wait for two hours. Then wash hair with shampoo and use natural conditioning.

Castor oil helps in rapid growth of hair. As a result, it does not hair fall silently. It is also effective to bring flame to the hair. On the other hand, pistachio oil plays a role in nourishing hair growth and hair growth. Coconut oil are moisturizing and shine hair.