Importance of onion juice for preventing hair fall, remove dandruff and increasing hair glow.

Hair is an important part of our body. Hair is important in personality. It extends our beauty. But no ‍any one wants to think about the beauty of the hair while spending time in skin care. As a result, it looks like a nice new draw, but somewhere it remains a defect. So this time, you have to look back on the hairstyle. But, most of the people do not know that “how to increase beauty of hairstyle?” Now I will discuss with you about using of onion of hair care. (Hair fall)

Hair fall


There are plenty of germicidal ingredients in onion. So Onions can help to solve all the problems of our hair. Advantage of onions is mention below:

1. Improve health of scalp

Onion juice plays a special role in providing nutrition to the hair follicles. So the health of the scalp is good if it is taken on a regular basis. As a result, the incidence of various diseases decreases.

2. Hairstyles became strong

Onion contains sulfur that helps to reduce hair follicles and help to becomes hair thin. It also prevent hair fall.

3. Prevention of infection

The onion contains the bacterial components. It helps to prevent any type of infection in scalp of our head. Once there is less danger of infection, there is no other worry about hair health.

4. Hair will not white

Onion contains antioxidants that play a special role in reducing premature hair done. If your hairs going to start become white, you can use onion juice. You can get the benefit.

5. Hair glow increases

Onion juice increase hair glow. If hairs going to start reduce glow, it is proved that use onion juice regularly. You can get the benefit.

6. Cancer preventative

It has been proved that onion juice plays a special role in the prevention of head and neck cancer. Antioxidants play a special role in this case.

7. Removes dandruff

Onion is being bactericidal, it helps to prevent dandruff. So those who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars behind shampoo to protect them from dandruff, this domestic treatment for them may come in great work.

8. Improve blood supply

Regularly massage on scalp of head with onion juice increases the supply of oxygen-rich at the base of the hair. As a result of this, naturally the rate of hair growth is increasing rapidly.

You can make onion juice at home easily. First get rid of onion peels. Then cut it into 4 pieces. Make paste of onion pieces by blender. Then scrub onion juice properly. In this case, the onion juice should not be stuck in the hair while adding the onion juice to the scalp.

There are ‍some things to consider on the use of onion juice. Such as, do not forget to put onion juice well in Scalp. The round rhythm will have to put the juice in scalp. After waiting for an hour, take a bath. Take 15 to 30 days onion juice to see how the hair type changes.

Three Hair Packs Made With Onion

1. Hair pack made with onion and honey

Take one third of a cup of onion juice. Then add one tablespoon honey. Now mix the mixture properly with the hairstyle. Wait into 30 minutes and wash it properly. This way uses this pack within two week. Now you are free from hair fall tension.

2. Hair pack made with Olive oil and onion juice

Mix 3 tablespoons onion juice with olive oil. Now apply the mixture to the hairstyles and scalps in the round manner. Wash the hair with less alkaline shampoo after two hours. To increase hair strength and to reduce the dandruff, this pack is a pair of fairs.

3. Hair pack made with Mixing onions and curry leaves

Curry leaves help keep the hair well differently. It increases hair strength, reduces premature ejaculation and maintains health. So onions and curry leaves together, it is a great benefit to be found in Scalp. Take curry leaves bend with fresh condition. Then put two tablespoons onion juice in the blended curry leaves. Use the mixture on the hair and scalp properly. Wash hair with less alkaline shampoo after waiting for one hour.

Before using onion juice, you can remember these following things:

1. Of course, after blending onion, it will be screwed properly. It does not have the possibility of sticking onions at the hairstyle.

2. Try to use less alkaline shampoo all the time. It will reduce hair fall.

3. You can use onion juice with garlic and apple cider vinegar.

4.You can use a few drops of Essential Oil as per your choice to remove the onion stink from the hair.

5.Before using onion juice, see if there is an allergy to it.