The importance of tomatoes to get rid of oily skin.

Beautiful skin loves everyone. Many people are familiar with oily skin. Oily are turned to face due to excessive sebum lusting from our skin. Apart from this, many people use different cosmetics on oily skin to notice the deterioration of the condition. We can get rid of oily skin using tomato in many ways.

Skin care


Tomato is very effective in resolving various oily skin problems. It is useful for food as well as ruppanchaya.  Antioxidants of Tomato protect against many germs and infections of the skin. Remove the stain like acne. The astringent properties of tomatoes also help to keep the skin cool. Reduces irritation, helps eliminate skin pollution. Tomato is very effective in detoxification. The skin helps to control the sebum glands and oil levels. It is easy to combine with the use of oily skin with tomatoes quickly can be taken.

Tomato prevents the skin from bleaching, so the skin is youthful. Tomato Put on daily diet chart. Clear the face with a clanger and clear the face with a clean towel. Then, along with the two slices of tomatoes Rub the face. After 10-15 minutes, rub well and wash it after 15 minutes.

If you have dark spots like dark circles on skin or have problems,you can use tomato pack. Tomato is great beneficial to bring instant glaze on the skin. Take a tomato and make a smooth paste. Mix one tablespoon sugar in it. Rub it on the clean skin for ten minutes. It helps to clean dead sells in the oily skin.

Paste a tomato and mix it in a spoon honey. Then keep this mask in the mouth for 20 minutes. Honey prevents excess oil from the skin. Besides, those who suffer from skin poison problems, mix a tablespoon lemon juice with a tomato paste. Wash it Keep half an hour on the skin. The skin will be poison free, smooth. Refrain from excess oil.

Make a mix with one teaspoon oats with a tomato shell, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Put the mixture on the mouth. Wait a moment, then wash it. The mixture will remove acne and its persistent stains on the skin.

Mix a tea spoon Aloevera gel and a teaspoon of honey with a tomato shell. Paste the mixture well and keep it on the skin. Wash after 20 minutes. It will remove the spots in the skin.

By following our special skin care tips, you can get free from oily skin, dark spot and other skin problems.