How to remove acne and acne scars naturally for oily skin?

How to remove acne and acne scars naturally for oily skin?

Acne is a malignant disease. This disease occurs in many people. There may be acne due to skin not clean regularly, use more cosmetics than needed, blood problems, irregularities in urine-toilet etc. Due to the hereditary factors of many, this disease occurs. Acne is usually within a certain age range. This disease is more common in boys and girls between 10 and 19 years. But after 20 years it started to decrease. But sometimes the problem of acne can be for young women too.

Acne is the most horrific problem for oily skin women, which are constantly inextricably linked. If the skin is oily, you know this well. Acne is almost yearly on your skin by the effects of summer, monsoon, winter-any season or additional dust, sweat and dryness. You have to follow the following rules below to eliminate acne from oily skin and to reduce the oiliness of your skin.

Regular face skin should be kept clean. Try to wash your face repeatedly during your own convenience because of the discomfort caused by sweat and oily skin. You can mix one or two drops of rose water in the washable water, get fresh feeling. Which face wash are available in the market to buy, if it adjusts to your skin, you can use it. If possible, take a bath at least twice a day. Neem leaf keep drowning in hot water, you can take a bath to use this. This will save you from various germs infections. You can also use Neem soap.

If you use powder, it will be cleaned by the end of the day. You can use water base make up, and other cosmetics. That is to say, you should not use cosmetics these are more likely to be oil-based. The foundation will be very low. There is no harm to use face powder. The Eyeliner should be fitted so that it does not get wiped even if it is wet.

You have to build a balanced diet every day. You should not eat extra fat and eat less fat. If possible, it is good to no eat. Build habit to eat small fish, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. You can drink lemon water in the morning after getting up. Emerging young people can add a little honey with lemon water too. You can also drink fruit juice.

The problem is seen in emerging aged. Excessive sunlight and summer acne can be higher. There can be two types of problems from acne. One is a stain and the other is a wound creation. After the recovery of acne, the scars went away gradually. The cream can be used to remove the stains if the stain does not go away. But it takes long time to remove wound.

Some domestic procedures to remove acne from oily skin

To remove acne from oily skin, and control oil, you can use any of the following domestic packs.

Tip- 01

There is an element called citric acid in lemon which removes excess oil on the skin, and help to reduce the acne problem. Besides, lemon juice destroys the harmful bacteria of the skin, and Effective to eliminate various stains of the skin. And honey is a natural element which retains moisture from the skin. It also increases the natural brightness of skin as well as removing acne problems. Take one spoon lemon juice and the equivalent honey in a clean pot. Mix well together, and make a thick paste. First, wash the face with water and after that, apply paste in the face and neck portion. Cotton balls can be used to put the mixture. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash your mouth and neck with a cold water. You can use it every day to get fast and efficient result.

Tip- 02

You can use beans powder and sour curd easily to remove acne. You can collect both elements easily. There are plenty of protein and vitamins in the Beans powder which absorbs excess oil of oily skin, makes the skin brighter and more viscous. Vitamin A and C is available on the sour curd which helps to make the skin naturally soft, and smooth apart from removing acne. Take two teaspoon Beans powder and one teaspoon sour curd and mix well. Mix two drops of lemon juice, and a pinch of yellow powder in the mixture. Apply this mixture on your face and neck properly and wait till dry. After 20-30 minutes, moisten the dried pack with light warm water. Remove the pack slowly with gently scratch so that dead stored cells in your skin disappear. Finally, wash the face and neck with a cold water. You can use at least twice a week. However, after acne reduction can be used after 15 days.

 Tip- 03

Mulantani soil, sandalwood powder, pappy lemon juice and curd mixed together and apply it on your face and wait for 10-15 minutes. Then wash your face properly. As a result, the excess oil, and dirt of the skin will be out. You will get oil free skin. But, do not use pappy lemon juice directly, mix it with rose water then use it. Instead of sandalwood, you can use the lentil pulses to be soaked in it.

Tip- 04

You can make a pack with lentil pulses paste, sour curd, Amanda nut, orange peel paste and neem leaf paste. All elements mix together. You can use it for a few day by storage refrigerator. Apply this pack on your face every day and remove it with a wet towel, after drying. Besides the face, you can use the pack on other parts of your body instead of soap. In addition, you can have facilitation within 15 days.

Home remedies from acne scars

Acne scars reduce your beauty. In most cases the acne spots are removed, but the stains of the ugly holes are not easy to go. Find out the way home remedies from acne scars.

Tip- 01

You can make rice powder with water or milk and make a grainy pack by mixing it with sugar and apricot fruit paste to remove blackheads. Apply this pack on your face. After drying, remove the pack gently scratch with a wet towel.

Tip- 02

Vitamin E oil is one of the easiest and effective solutions to repair acne scars. It works like magic to acne scars. Your skin will become smoother, brighter, with the use of Vitamin E oil in small quantities daily.  It also helps to treat acne black spots. Vitamin E is available to buy in the oil market. If you do not get it use Vitamin E capsule.  First, clean the whole face with oil free face wash.  Discharge the oil by leaking the capsule with a clean pin or needle. Then apply it on the face with clean hand. If you have too much oily skin, after half an hour of applying pick up extra oil with press the tissue paper. Otherwise, you can keep the whole night. If the problem is not too much, do this 2-3 times a week.

Tip- 03

Lemon is one of the sources of citric acid. Citric acid is very unique in scars. If you drink a few glass of lemon juice, its citric material helps to lighten the skin color of your body by repairing the dead cells of your body. Take a medium-sized lemon juice and mixed with similar water, the scar of the holes will be lightened in the face. With time you will get stain-free skin.

Tip- 04

Aloe Vera gel is a blessing in nature. It is an element that will help you to avoid skin problems. You should use fresh Aloe Vera gel. Fresh Aloe Vera is now available in various super-shops. From there, buying raw Aloe Vera and gel will be taken out. If you do not buy Aloe Vera from the outsides, you can plant Aloe Vera in your own tob. At first, take a whole Aloe Vera and cut it from any direction with the help of knife.  Then you can see inside transparent material like sliced jelly, use it. Apply it as many as you want in a day. It will give you the release from the boring acne holes.

Tip- 05

Tomatoes include Vitamin ‘A’, which has an active role to stop excessive substance abuse of sebum and to remove acne and acne scars. Moreover, there are plenty of anti-oxidants to repair corrosion and damage to the skin. Take a medium-sized fresh tomato. Cut it into two equal parts.  Now, on the two cheeks, first turn the clockwise and then massage the opposite of the clockwise. This will reduce the stains of the hole and reduce the burn in the sun. It will reduce the stains of the hole and reduce the burn in the sun. Moreover, it also performs great make-up remover.

Tip- 06

Olive oil is a witch's element. Along with delicious food, it also plays an important role in skin care. It helps to quickly cure acne holes. Olive Oil quickly mixes with the skin due to the moisturizing properties of olive oil. You can massage it in small quantities on your face and use it before going to sleep to get better results.

Tip- 07

Honey is a known natural cosmetic. Honey is used for the process of beauty care since ancient times. Sweetness of honey is also good as food. Due to low fat, as it helps you stay fit, as well as acne scar that can be cured by regular use. You can use honey directly on your face by finger.

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